Field Technician Jobs

During each January - June nesting season, the University of Florida employs 3 - 4 field technicians for approximately 5 months to assist with data collection and analyses. Successful candidates typically have: a B.S. or B.A. in Biology, Environmental Sciences, or a related field; a valid US driver’s license and good driving record; at least 6 months prior field research experience; and excellent physical conditioning.

See the Methods page to get an idea of our field work and schedule.

Crews do spend some “field” time inspecting and maintaining our four airboats, towing them to various boat ramps, and traveling to and from the Homestead General Airport. Other chores involve refueling boats and vehicles, taking boats to mechanics as needed, as well as constructing and maintaining field equipment.

In addition to field work we also spend time completing office work such as: aerial photo analyses, data entry, and other administrative responsibilities. This occasionally requires sitting for hours in front of a computer completing repetitive tasks. Total work hours vary somewhat, but we tend to average around 40 hrs/wk. For those with their own transportation, plenty of opportunities exist for exploring other areas in South Florida during off hours.

If this sounds like something for you, please take into account these Considerations before accepting a position with us

Applications should go directly to the Research Coordinator, Lindsey Garner (e-mail strongly preferred). See the Contact Page for her address.

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