Factors affecting breeding status of wading birds in the Everglades.


This comprehensive final report summarizes the results of a four-year researchand monitoring effort (1998 - 2001) designed to document nesting effort and success bywading birds, and to investigate the reproductive physiology and ecology of White Ibises(Eudocimus albus) in the Everglades ecosystem. The monitoring of nesting has beenaccomplished bystandardized systematic aerial and ground surveys and study of nestingsuccess of nesting colonies in Water Conservation Areas (WCAs) 2 and 3 ofthe centralEverglades. The White Ibis work was accomplished through 1) investigation of thenutritional, behavioral, and hormonal aspects of "normal" breeding in a captive colony ofScarlet Ibises (Eudocimus ruber, considered by many to be the same species as the WhiteIbis), and 2) documenting the physiology, nutritional state, breeding phenology,contaminant load, and hormonal status of free- living adult White Ibises in the centralEverglades. (364 page document)