Wading Bird Nesting Success in the Water Conservation Areas of the Everglades, 1993


This report documents breeding numbers, reproductive success, and foragingdispersion of long-legged wading birds in the Water Conservation Areas (WCAs) of theEverglades during the first six months of 1993. Briefly, the 1993 spring had abnormallyhigh water and windy conditions throughout the season, and produced poor nesting effort,low to moderate nesting success, and low production of young. Some species, like WoodStorks and White Ibises, did not nest at all in the WCAs. Others, like Great Egrets andTricolored Herons, showed considerably tenacity under the extremely poor nestingconditions. The 1993 season provided a rare chance to record the reproductive responses ofwading birds during sustained high water conditions. (108 page document)